New Dialysis offering in Uzbekistan: international PPP signed

Filling the infrastructure and health service delivery gap?


The Government of Uzbekistan launched in 2019 a request for expressions of interest to accelerate the availability of dialysis services in the country. The Public-Private Partnership aimed at the financing, building and operation of a network of outpatient dialysis services.


This led to a competitive bidding process and the subsequent award of the contract in December 2020 to Indian care provider Nephroplus, described by our partners at Projects Bulletin as “one of Asia’s largest and fastest-growing dialysis companies” (click here to know more)


Nephroplus will then become a long term partner of the Ministry of Health, in charge of the provision of assets and related clinical services and equipment, to serve over 1,000 patients in the city of Taskhent as well as two regions.


Nephroplus prides its capacity to innovate and bring technology closer to patients and users. It operates “dialysis on wheels” services and ensured buttonhole needles for painless dialysis were used across its services. To find out more about Nephroplus: click here.


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