A new health PPP for Victoria: redevelopment of the Frankston Hospital!

The Australian State of Victoria has always played a leading-edge role in the design of complex contractual arrangements to harness the strengths of public and private sector in the delivery of high-performance health infrastructure and related services.


Victoria pioneered Public-Private Partnerships PPPSs and paved the way for an infrastructure revolution of private sector involvement in global contracts with a comprehensive set of services spread over a long period of time and typically ranging from designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining the assets.


These kinds of PPPs, backed by project finance mechanisms and adapted legal instruments, require strong public management skills to ensure adequate monitoring, adjusting and evaluating so as to guarantee the right level of performance is delivered throughout the project’s life cycle.


This is where the apparatus of guidance and tools offered (and often spearheaded) by the Treasury and Finance of the Victoria State Government comes handy: a paraphernalia of sharp supporting documents including contract templates, project management and decision trees, together with a wide array of resources.


This helped conceptualise and roll-out 32 PPP projects to date for a cumulative amount in excess of 30 billion AUD for the sole State of Victoria. Interested in knowing more about the Victoria PPP framework? Click here….and make sure you follow the Decide working group on Capital Investment in health for more insight.


The Victorian Government is now investing 562 million AUD to deliver the Frankston Hospital Redevelopment. The project will be delivered as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) under the Partnerships Victoria Framework. Expressions of Interest are invited from suitably qualified and experienced consortia to design, construct, finance and maintain the redeveloped Frankston Hospital.


One of the objectives of this project is to increase the bed capacity of the hospital by 120. More interestingly, the project will strive to use innovative pathways to enhance the patients’ experience in the use of hospital services.


If you are interested in this project, learn more about its specifications: Click here.


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