Novara New Teaching and Research Hospital : latest PPP for Piemonte

Novara Teaching and Research Hospital: A €320M PPP for the Piemonte Region in Italy!

A 4 year planning and construction Phase for a 26 year-concession arrangement and a split of risks and investments, with more than €219M private investment and €100M public investment. The project’s ambitious aim?

The new Hospital will provide the city with a strong urban value as an open space. The basic project conditions envisage a close integration between health and teaching activities in order to implement a homogenous and synergic system that meets all specific needs efficiently.

PPPs traditionally raise controversy as they are complex contractual arrangements which can deliver value for money under certain conditions. Decide will make sure to follow this project and share legal and economics insight into the roll out of this public private collaboration, based on expert knowledge of PPP models and projects.....i.e. what works and what does not!



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