Patient-centric health systems: how to add real value?

Chief Innovation of Philips on the lookout for post-COVID added value


Jeroen Tas holds a position many can envy: he is the Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at Royal Philips. In a nutshell, his job is to dream the future of healthcare based on the capabilities and innovation pipeline he is made privy to at Philips Healthcare and across the industry he is a key player of.


His latest dream reminisces of WHO’s people-centred health system transformation and that is good news:


A patient-centric care ecosystem could help clear the backlog, improve patient and staff experiences, and lower costs. But how do we build one?


Is that even possible? In a blog published on social network LinkedIn (click here to access this very interesting perspective) Mr Tas illustrates the applicability of IT-intensive methods of matching customers with peers offering similar profiles such as Amazon or gaming companies have developed over time with the possibility to match patients with healthcare providers with a chance to…..respond to the patient’s needs in an adequate way:


Imagine a healthcare system that can match each patient with their perfect GP, specialist or hospital based on acuity, capability, availability, location and even personality type.


Let’s be clear : the challenge here has everything to do with value for money and ensuring that a digital ecosystem can match patients’ profile and needs to the right professional at the right time, bypassing traditional constraints: availability, narrow geographical base…and much more

Is that the future patients are contemplating? Do you share Jeroen’s enthusiasm? Let us know your thoughts and we may reach out to him and organize a webinar on the future of digital health!




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