Principles for deliberative processes in HTA: Important contribution!

Check out the new analytical publication from Kenneth Bond, Rebecca Stiffell and Dan Ollendorf, Director at Tuft's CEVR and a great friend of Decide!

This undoubtedly brings value to the whole HTA ecosystem and helps share insight into the knowledge co-production process of the HTAi Global Policy Forum (GPF) discussion on deliberative processes in HTA. More particularly, it underscores:


three core principles for deliberative processes in HTA: transparency, inclusivity, and impartiality. In addition, discussions revealed other important principles, such as respect, reviewability, consistency, and reasonableness, that may supplement the core set.


This net contribution to the field of HTA also brings value through recommendations as regards deliberative processes for policy and decision makers in health.


Interested in knowing more? Click here to access the full article.




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