Reconciling Hospital & Hospitality: Good Practices

Hospital accomodation: more than ancillary services


The French national agency for health performance support (ANAP) is a leading provider of operational tool for healthcare managers and teams in the field of health care organization, performance, contracting as well as a trail blazer in charge of framing health innovation and crafting practical solutions for hospital teams.


Amongst its latest tools is a practical guide to….hospitality. An important topic that transcends the issue of ancillary -non-clinical- services that ought to be part of health infrastructure and their environment, hospital-related accommodation can prove challenging for health management teams.


With the emergence of people-centred care as well as other influencing factors such as the greenfield that puts hospitals at greater travelling distances from urban centres, the need to provide sound accommodation for patients (as part of the very first steps of the care pathway) and their visitors increasingly appears as a key function of care provision.


The ANAP provides a comprehensive guide complete with blue prints and good practices in a field that requires a particular set of competencies, which are not necessarily part of the health professionals’ curriculum.


Making the best of patients’ participation and large stakeholders’ consultations, this guide offers insight into solutions to offer a highly-professional hospitality service in a healthcare context. More: it delineates reassuring solutions that can help professionals reconcile the provision of clinical care….and what can only be summed up as the running of a hotel.


With hospital accommodation being underscored as a crucial part of patients’ well-being and playing a part in the recovery process, this tool is an inspiring method to adapt health infrastructure to evolving needs.


To access the ANAP guide (in French): click here.


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