Resilient & inclusive infrastructure: Big in Japan?

Japan and World Bank partners in the infrastructure area


Japan’s high-level expertise in engineering sustainable infrastructure that match the most stringent norms in seismic and climate risk management.


A founding member of the G20 Global Infrastructure Facility, Japan was a natural partner for the World Bank in the harvesting in dissemination of good practices and knowledge on sustainable infrastructure.


In a blog that unveils this relationship (click here to access the blog), the World Bank points out that:


Japan has over a century of experience in addressing disasters, placing it at the forefront of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.


The magnitude of this partnership is felt across the APAC region. This is illustrated by the Japan-World Bank Program for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries which supports more than 100 countries and spans all sectors of activity.


At a time where environmentally stringent norms are married to technical resilience requirements for all public infrastructure, this is certainly a future source of intel and data that will inspire health assets construction the world over.


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