Scotland: Draft Infrastructure Plan 2021 to 2026 is out!


This is the heading of the draft Infrastructure Investment Plan for Scotland for the next 6 years, with a number of priority projects including health. In fact, it appears that the planning exercise was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic:

We will build back better by focusing on the following shifts in our capital investment, to seek
to address the economic, health and social impacts of COVID-19

Reflecting on the £720 million allocated to health in the previous plan, the draft strategy insists on the increasing need to enable environmental sustainability, build resilient places as well as drive inclusive economic growth.

Beyond health assets, the cross-cutting nature of health permeating many SDGs targets is thoroughly detailed. In addition, the value of e-health and tele-health is also reflected in the objectives of the plan, for instance through

An investment of £25 million in the system development required to build on the 50-fold increase in patient use of NearMe digital healthcare services during COVID-19.

Want to know more? Download the full report here.


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