Soaring innovation: on-flight medical services take off

Unexpected source of health information….and innovation


We can all agree that it is important and indeed healthy to vary one’s sources of information. It is equally sensible to look over the fence of one’s own sector of activity to embrace other segments of industry which could prove inspiring.


Take Aircraft Interiors International…..who would have thought that this admittedly very specialized publication could be of such interest for health professionals?


Yet the recent announcement in the online version of Aircraft Interiors International of an agreement between Airbus and Philips Healthcare is worth noting.


Under this partnership, aircrafts will be equipped with health packages to increase preparedness and enable crews to better respond to emergency health situations affecting passengers.


Packages can comprise of 24/7 medical support and cover pre-flight, flight as well as support to the crew to ensure adequate in-air medical service. Illustrative of this is


the Philips Tempus IC2 patient monitor, which enables flight crews to monitor travellers’ vital signs and transmit data to ground-based medical support.


Once connected, those support teams can view medical data in real-time, allowing for key decisions to be made both on the ground and in the air, which can help to avoid unnecessary flight diversions.


At Decide we always underline the importance of highlighting what ventures or initiatives the private sector bring to the health sector. With a pragmatic view that the private sector does not wait for a stimulus of health stewards for “engagement”, decision makers ought to make the best of entrepreneurship and a sense of innovation to channel them through public health objectives.


This is only one example of the use of technology in mass travel that can shape the future of health and help better tackle conditions as well as strengthen preparedness on board of planes.


Interested in knowing more? Read the full article: click here





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