Staggering $1.4bn PPP for health innovation in Scotland!

Edinburgh Health innovation PPP: investment worth US$ 1.36 billion


The announcement went with a bang: a massive tender was launched on 5th November by 3 contracting authorities, i.e.  the City of Edinburgh Council - Scottish Enterprise – and the University of Edinburgh to expand the Edinburgh BioQuarter.


The Edinburgh bioQuarter is a cutting-edge collaboration, research and innovation development centre which dynamics impress way beyond the sole Scotland area.  A genuine hub for academics, researchers, clinical practitioners, innovators and investors to collaborate together, it is driven by a clear mission statement:


To embrace and contribute to the next innovations in healthcare practice; to translate groundbreaking research and discoveries into new treatments and cures that will change people’s lives.


Now with involvement of the NHS Lothian on board, the project aims at securing private partnership support to deliver buildings, health innovation services but also community impact services: community health innovators will be welcome together with partnering ventures between public, third and private sectors.


More to follow: Your Decide – Health Decision Hub will certainly keep an eye on this project! In the meantime and if you want to know more about the Edinburgh BioQuarter, why not visit their website? Click here!


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