Supporting the global economy: what role for tax systems in responding to COVID-19?

Interested in tax systems, fiscal policies and their impact on health? Look no further than the OECD where thought leaders and global experts inform the debate with country-specific insights and cutting-edge knowledge.

This translates in a blog where hands-on fiscal specialists analyse the outcomes of the COVID-19 triggered economic downturn and recommend policy measures to jump start the economy and work towards more equitable social development.

The use of tax instruments to achieve policy goals is clarified, with OECD experts delving in a multi-sector approach to address the SDGs targets:

Fair burden sharing will also be central going forward. The crisis has shed light on and exacerbated existing inequalities. Low-income earners, women and young people have been hit harder, while part-time, temporary and self-employed workers have accounted for up to half of the workforce in the most severely affected sectors.

Interested? The blog also includes a link to the OECD Tax Policy Reforms 2020 report.

To read the full article: Click here.


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