Thanks to its board, your DecideHub is thriving!

News from the network?


Decide is your open collaborative hub which musters unrivaled expertise, experience and innovative ideas from its Board members (we call them Steering Group members, actually) and its thriving community of partner individuals and organizations.


More than anything else, Decide is humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude by the level of engagement of its ecosystem. Our working groups demonstrate an incredible support from communities in the health economics – cost-effectiveness analyses space, the capital investment in health space or the oncology area.


Soon other workstreams will open the way for new collaborations, in the field of HTA thanks to our member organization INAHTA, as well as in the health system transformation area to fully address the cancer challenge under the leadership of ESMO.


Decide is in the business of creating operational, practical solutions for health stewards who want to root decisions in evidence. It designs products to enable the right decisions the first time.


Thanks to the relentless commitment of its members, Decide is on track with a number of collaborations and products under development. The Steering Group members are instrumental in achieving this.

Whatever success Decide can achieve will be thanks to the energy, creativity and full participation of its members.


An example? In order to ensure your Decide Hub benefits from a concrete support and guidance from its board, member organizations have decided that instead of the mandatory once-a-year AGM, they would prefer to work more closely together and meet at least 3 times per year.


Decide is on its way to be the go-to work space for value for money in health. Its strength is its members and partners! Next Steering Group meeting? Wednesday 7th April. We will make sure we share the highlights with our community!


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