Ukraine: rebuilding better through PPPs?

Rebuilding Ukraine’s health systems: how could PPPs help?


Back in November 2022, leading PPP publication Partnership Bulletin wondered if the PPP industry could help rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure (click here to read the article)


Before the war, Ukraine adopted specific PPP legislation and set up a PPP agency to tap into complex contracts and private finance to transform its infrastructure across sectors. Advised by the IFC (part of the World Bank Group), Ukraine eyed private sector technical and financial inputs in its infrastructure upscale.


Importantly, the private sector is being placed as a key player in terms of financing Ukraine’s rebuild, and work on creating the pipework to let this money flow is already underway. Testing market attractiveness will prove instrumental to securing the estimated $1 trillion required to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure.


Meanwhile, Ukraine can count on an invaluable resource to help assess the relevance of the PPP route to rebuild and/or strengthen its health system: in 2022, the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Financing produced an extremely useful technical report named


Public-private partnerships for health care infrastructure and services: considerations for policy makers in Ukraine. Click here to download this unprecedented technical report!


This wealth of knowledge and analysis was already produced by Dr Mark Hellowell from University of Edinburgh, with technical guidance from Ms Triin Habicht from WHO amongst other.


Both names you will recognize as the dream team behind the trailblazing policy brief on healthcare PPPs in middle-income countries which made such an impact in the healthcare policy world this month (click here to read the news on Decide and click here to download the policy brief).


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