Uzbekistan: Health PPPs to strengthen dialysis services

World Bank bolsters Public-Private Partnerships against NCDs


The International Finance Corporation (IFC, part of the World Bank Group) announced last week the outcomes of its support to the Ministry of Health and the PPP Development agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Already in 2021, your Decide Hub drew your attention onto this “buoyant market”: click here to read our news on Uzbekistan PPP. Committed to using Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to grow the network of dialysis services as well as availability and quality thereof, the health authorities of Uzbekistan have commissioned Indian company NephroPlus to provide a comprehensive range of services.  


Decide presented this private provider in a news on Uzbekistan PPP back in 2021 (click here to read the news). As highlighted by the World Bank:


NephroPlus, the fifth largest dialysis operator globally, has opened its clinics in the regions and has been serving the patients in line with leading industry standards.


The PPP arrangement entails the construction of new clinics, provision of equipment, training as well as provision of clinical services. A DBFOM model combined with a concession for medical services, this complex contract will ensure that


The clinics will provide 140,000 sessions for more than 1,000 patients annually thus striving to contribute to lower mortality linked to renal insufficiency.


This project is part of a tidal wave of support from the IFC to Central Asia, with another major PPP focusing on renewable energy, to develop a solar panel capacity that will be sufficient to equip 30% of all homes.


Healthcare PPPs are also promoted in Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic as well as Azerbaijan, where Hospital Director by training and World Bank Lead for Social Infrastructure Karine Bachongy recently run a PPP workshop for public officials against the backdrop of a new PPP legislation coming soon into force (click here to read more).


Incidentally, Ms Bachongy is one of the contributors of the policy brief on PPPs in middle-income countries authored by Dr Mark Hellowell and that was published this month by the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Financing. (click here to access the policy brief)


A convergence of perspectives and interest which is underpinned by a growing request from middle-income countries for expert advice to help optimize the contracting models as well as financing options to transform or adapt healthcare systems.



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