WHO DG calls "everyone to join Decide"!

WHO DG Calls: "I encourage everyone to join the Decide Hub!"


WHO Director General Dr Tedros delivered an exceptional address to the Finance in Common Summit, at the invitation of the Council of Europe Development Bank, the first investor in social infrastructure in Europe and a member organization of your Decide Hub.


The high-impact statement of the Director General focussed on the urge to work towards increasing the capital investment in health to fill the infrastructure gap. Dr Tedros launched a vivid call to join the Decide Hub (see the whole script of Dr Tedros address attached):


WHO has set up the Decide Health Decision Hub to help decision makers achieve best value for money in their capital investments in health infrastructure, by offering access to data, analytics and knowledge.


I encourage you all to join the Decide Hub, and to work together to strengthen health systems and support countries on their journey towards universal health coverage.


More broadly, the optimisation of capital assets throughout their life cycle is a challenge that decision makers have to grasp to ensure they are in a position  to build sustainable systems offering a net contribution to economic and social growth.


We are very grateful to Dr Tedros to underscore that WHO setup Decide as the global health network for value for money across the health spectrum, working more particularly on capital investment in health, contracting and optimizing health infrastructure.

To view the whole video of Dr Tedros' call to join Decide: 



The value proposition of Decide is to help decision makers in health achieve best value for money in health choices and policies through data, analytics and knowledge. Considering joining? Welcome to Decide!


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Your Decide - Health Decision Hub is sincerely honoured and grateful to you for this support, Dr Tedros! We are humbled and will do our utmost to make WHO and all our member organisations proud to be part of Decide! Thank you!