Healthcare PPP in a pod: Webinar recording available now!

Healthcare PPP Webinar: watch the replay now! (scroll down...)


The first Decide webinar on Health PPP was organised on Monday 13th March to present the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Financing policy brief on healthcare PPPs in middle-income countries (see here for the announcement and click here to download the document).


This hour proved one of the shortest ever, with a contextualisation of the optics of the policy brief by WHO health financing specialist Triin Habicht, fuel for thoughts by WHO head of health financing Joe Kutzin on the need to think first about the needs of the health systems from a public health perspective. And WHO's service delivery and capital investment expert Dr Ann-Lise Guisset to put complex contractual arrangements on the broader capital investment in health and hospital transformation agenda.


Framed by these high-level experts' viewpoint was Dr Mark Hellowell, from University of Edinburgh who delved into the categorisation of the policy brief and the presentation of different models that middle-income countries' health stewards could consider taking on to boost healthcare quality and accessibility.


Your Decide Facilitator emphasised on the need for sharp public law capabilities in an area that pertains to both procurement and contracting with public authorities, as well as practical knowledge of the infinite complexities of complex contract models strongly dependent on national legal systems.


In addition, we did promise that this would only be the first of a series of webinars on PPPs. The next one will row back and present operational PPPs models and their use, and will be in the format of Q&A: you will ask your questions ahead and we will answer them and engage in a discussion. Looking forward to it!


Oh and one last thing: before -even during to be fair- and after the webinar we faced a significant number of requests for a recording of this session, for which we are very grateful. So it is a case of backed by popular demand....and hereunder is the recording. Enjoy!








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