EMRO Regional Network on HTA

Progress was made in the area of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (ER) of the World Health Organization (WHO) through conduction of two inter-country meetings aiming to technically support the 22 Member States (MS) in the development of their own national HTA programmes within existing health systems. Both meetings resulted in the introduction of a regional network that includes over 100 experts as well as national and regional champions. The network, which provided a platform for information exchange and knowledge sharing among stakeholders, became an international one as it now includes countries from WHO South East Asia and Western Pacific regions as well. To seek political and financial commitments needed to establish/strengthen national HTA programmes, MS were alerted on the importance of building their HTA technical capacities during the regional committee meeting conducted in Kuwait in October 2015. The presentation was well received and resulted in several official requests from MS such as Tunisia, Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and Sudan.




Cairo, Egypt


Government agencies, experts/individuals



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