RedETSA - Red de Evaluacion de las Tecnologias de la Salud en las Americas

Launched in Rio de Janeiro in June 2011, the Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas (Red de Evaluación de Tecnologías en Salud de las Américas – RedETSA) is a nonprofit network formed by ministries of health, regulatory authorities, health technology assessment agencies, collaborating centers of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), and research and education institutions in the Region of the Americas. RedETSA has 14 countries represented by 30 institutions, aiming to strengthen and promote the evaluation process of technologies in the Americas, enabling the exchange of information, to support decision-making on the regulation, incorporation, use, and replacement of such technologies. The network runs online meetings and plans online educational programs.




Washington, US


MoH, agencies, WHO CC in the Americas, universities


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