Healthcare PPPs role in LMICs: Webinar on 13th March!

You’re in for a treat: unique insight into the first WHO policy brief on healthcare PPPs


Have we got news for you? Definitely, and of the best sort one is tempted to say. Naturally you remember the recent release of WHO’s first policy brief on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the healthcare sector in LMICs: click here to access the document.


Your first gift was Dr Mark Hellowell’s blog to underscore the main points of the policy brief he authored. You can read this blog on your Decide platform: click here.


What is it about? 


In light of the incredible success of this document and to respond to growing requests to delve into the perspective drawn by the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Financing, your Decide Hub is incredibly excited and happy to announce its


Webinar on PPPs in Healthcare in LMICs: a reality check! Mark your calendar:


13th March 2023 from 2pm to 3pm CET


This webinar will be centred around an in-depth presentation of the report and a discussion dynamic between panelists to exchange perspectives between different facets of expertise in health management, health offering financing and PPPs.


The webinar will include introduction, opening remarks, presentation of the report, quick perspectives of the different panelists and facilitated discussion between panelists and the report presenter.


Who to expect?


- Gwen Dhaene, WHO HQ – Decide Health Decision Hub  – Opening and Closing Remarks, discussion facilitator

- Triin Habicht, WHO Barcelona Office for Health Financing – Contextualisation of the policy brief and the need to delve into PPPs from a health financing perspective

- Mark Hellowell, University of Edinburgh – Report author and presenter: Policy brief at a glance

- Ann-Lise Guisset, WHO HQ – Health Service Delivery – Capital investment and PHC focus

- Joe Kutzin, WHO HQ – Health Financing Unit – Global perspective on health financing challenges


How to connect?


Use the zoom link hereafter:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Do not miss!


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