Out with a splash! WHO Policy brief on benefit design now available

Benefit design: health financing policy brief and a net contribution to global health!


The new policy brief produced by the WHO Health Financing Team led by global health thought-leader Joe Kutzin is barely out off the press and already the talk of the health sector ecosystem.


A thought-provoking and operational product prepared by leading WHO experts Matthew Jowett, Sarah Thomson, Triin Habicht and Melanie Bertram, it fills a gap and draws up a dynamic approach to support health systems growth as well as performance.


The scope and span of the paper is best explained by its authors:


Benefit design is concerned with policy decisions regarding the entitlements, in terms of both services and population groups, which are either funded from public revenues, or publicly mandated.


Benefit design also concerns defining conditions of access to these entitlements.


At the crossroads of health financing and economics, this unprecedented piece of analysis offers unique insight in the design of benefit and incredible value to policy and decision makers the world over.


The premises? To provide actionable answers to long-standing issues hampering health systems development:


“Given the central importance of public financing to make progress towards universal health coverage (UHC), government policy on benefit design, including both service entitlements and conditions of access, significantly influences health system performance".


This document aims at helping decision-makers and health stewards increasing efficiency through evidence, alignment, analytics and better systemic performance.


With insightful perspective and unrivaled expertise in health economics as well as health systems design understanding, the team provides analytics and recommendations bolstered by a wealth of practical knowledge of country-specific contexts.


One recommendation of this net contribution to global health resonates more particularly for all stakeholders across the health ecosystem:


Aligning benefit design with health financing policies is essential to implement policies effectively.


Of particular importance are budget mechanisms which explicitly allocate funds to priority health services, and the establishment of provider incentives which support service delivery objectives, limit cost escalation, and promote efficiency and quality.


Our own recommendation? Go, download, read and share it!


Click here to access the policy brief.


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