It's time for...CAPACITI!

The CAPACITI project, led by the World Health Organization, equips immunization programmes to select the best immunization products, services and/or strategies for their national context.

A bit of context

A bit of context: what is the CAPACITI decision-support tool?

The CAPACITI decision-support tool has been developed by the World Health Organization to support national immunisation programmes to prioritise among multiple immunisation products, services, or strategies.



The tool structures the recommendation process to arrive at a context-specific, well-documented recommendation. It is especially beneficial if you want to:


  • incorporate input from multiple stakeholders
  • use evidence from across different disciplines
  • consider operational and socio-ethical aspects
  • deal with significant data uncertainty


The WHO IVIR-AC committee has reviewed and recommended the tool for use in LMICs.


CAPACITI: What for?

Which types of questions can the CAPACITI decision-support tool address? The tool can be used when you are comparing different options. For example:


  • Which vaccine do we introduce first: PCV, HPV or rotavirus?
  • Which districts do we prioritise for phased introduction?
  • Which rotavirus vaccine product should we choose?
  • Do we introduce controlled temperature chain (CTC) delivery for birth dose hepatitis B vaccination? Under which scenarios?


It has been developed in collaboration with 12 low-income and middle-income countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, and has been used for recommendations by national immunization technical advisory groups (NITAGs), national immunization programmes, and national research institutes.

How is the tool structured?

The decision-support tool consists of a comprehensive set of steps from articulating the decision question and convening stakeholders, to identifying decision criteria and deliberating the evidence to come to a recommendation and write a policy brief


Get involved!

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