The after-effects plaguing COVID-19 "long-haulers"

Is COVID-19 a life sentence?


At a time where the whole year 2020 seems increasingly synonymous of COVID-19 and constraints, in particular in those countries with confinement and lockdown measures, a recent testimony caught the attention of your team at Decide. With the headline "Puzzling, often debilitating after-effects plaguing COVID-19 "long-haulers" it brings the voices of patients who have to suffer health consequences which no one can predict.


In the maze of the pandemic, this is unchartered territory: what are the long-term effects of the disease? How long will people suffer they for? Are health systems ready to face a potential influx of care required to address these effects? Is the financing of these systems resilient enough to cope?


But first and foremost, the issue is a very human one. To sum it up in a patient's voice -in this instance, the voice of Sadie Nagamootoo:


It's like a, a like a viral tornado (SIGH) that goes in you and kind of just messes you up and then-- like, it kind of leaves. But leaves something behind.


What is left behind? Find out more by clicking here.



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