International Society for Priorities in Health: 13th Conference scheduled for April 2022!

Bergen is the place to be for priority setting!


Amidst the turmoil of uncertain times, shifting priorities mean that health decision makers face a daunting time to reconcile apparently contradicting needs.


How to invest in sustainable health systems while tackling overwhelming emergencies such as global pandemics or addressing the wave of noncommunicable diseases, all the while securing value for money?


The International Society for Priorities in Health has insight, experiences, and a lot of ideas to share to respond to the challenge. Its conference is worldwide known as the apex of the global discussion on priority setting in health.


This 2022 conference will be held in stunning and vibrant city of Bergen, home of the leading-edge Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS), on 28-30 April.


This year’s focus on Emergencies, Universal Health Coverage and High-Cost Interventions can only bolster a better response from health stewards to the conflicting trends of health systems transformation demand, increased effectiveness in emergency responsiveness and cost-control.


Above all, with BCEPS at the helm, a strong emphasis will be kept on the fundamental ethics that ought to drive health development.


Online participation to the conference will be free and physical participation will enable to access a vibrant ecosystem of researchers, decision makers, health systems stakeholders sharing insight and knowledge on priority setting. In a nutshell and to quote the organisers:


Meeting and discussing priorities in health is more important than ever - and ISPH aims to contribute as much as possible to inform, discuss and guide priorities. Join us in Bergen or through our digital platform!


Want to know more? Check out the Conference website: click here!




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