Is it War on the Government? "The Pandemic’s Toll on Science"

Prof. Rena Steinzor teaches administrative law and is about to publish a much expected book named "the war on regulation"....In a timely article publishes this week by the Regulatory Review, Prof. Steinzor highlights the growing concern of decision makers, that citizens do not trust authorities, institutions, nor science!

At a time of pandemics, the latter is particularly worrying. It echoes the rise of conspiracy theories which no amount of scientific evidence can successfully squash. It entails that regulatory measures face reluctance, resistance and mistrust.

It also translates in non-compliance to the rules, which has a cost in public health as well as budgetary terms:

A recent Institute of Labor Economics study found that the Sturgis “super spreader” event could be linked to 260,000 coronavirus cases in the United States and could create up to $12.2 billion in public health costs. 

In layperson's terms: people flouting the rules create risks or a burden to the country's budget as well as healthcare system. 

How to restore faith in science and more broadly into public policies and the political or institutional apparatus?

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