Make some noise for…The Finance in Common Summit!

Forthcoming Summit: Finance in Common! Thursday 12th November


Your Decide networks strives to bring to you regular insight into the social infrastructure agenda, as part of its remit: value for money across health decisions also pertains to health infrastructure and related services.


If anything, it is quite the central issue, as the SDGs 2030 agenda relies on the infrastructure gap filling as the crux of the achievement of health targets across all development goals.


This will certainly be one of the key messages of the forthcoming Finance in Common Summit, which will gather on 12th November many prominent development banks at the invitation of the French Agency for Development to exchange on the trends of international investments for development.


The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), a member organization of the Decide Hub and the main investor in social infrastructure in the European space, invited WHO to a round table on this occasion.


The aim is to enable Director of Health Systems Governance and Financing Dr Agnès Soucat to underscore the needs for synergetic collaborations between development banks to leverage public investment and fill the social infrastructure gap:


  • How to secure value for money across capital investment in health techniques and tools?
  • How to ensure public authorities have the required capabilities to harness economic and social growth through infrastructure development?
  • How to optimise asset management across infrastructure life cycle to deliver value?


All the answers to these questions and much more on Thursday 12th November. Do not miss!

Latest news about the Finance in Common Summit: Click here.


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