More evidence capacities needed? The Africa Evidence Network brings ideas!

Africa Evidence Network: Evidence Capacities!


Your Decide Hub is both thrilled and proud to have the support of the Africa Centre of Evidence (ACE sits on the board of Decide) as well as to see the interest and enthusiasm garnered by evidence as the foundation of policy decisions across the policy spectrum.


This is where the African Evidence Network facilated by ACE brings a wealth of capabilities, knowledge and insight. Looking for an opportunity to check their latest thinking and work, or to engage with them?


Look no further than the forthcoming webinar scheduled for 17 November at 2pm SAST. Part of a 12-strong series this one will look at experiences and bold ideas to enhance capacities for evidence across Africa, as well as the use of evidence for better policies.


The vision of the Africa Evidence Network?


We want to use this webinar series as a tool to generate discussions within the evidence ecosystem in Africa about how capacities for evidence-informed decision-making should be developed.


Waste no time in registering or taking stock of this innovative collaborative space! Check their website here.


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