News from the Network: Arguably the best Board in the world!

All hands on deck! Board leads the Decide work plan


Does is sound too sycophantic for a hub facilitator to praise the relentless commitment of the Board members to provide expertise, time, resources and invaluable insight across the work programme?


Well, that is a risk worth taking. Consider this: your Decide Hub does not have an AGM but 4 to 5 board meetings per year. This is a request from members who really express a will to steer the Hub, ensure it performs well and above all want to work on the team spirit of the board….which ends up permeating the whole Decide Hub.


At the moment Decide is rolling out operational workstreams in Capital Investment in Health, Cost-Effectiveness Data, HTA, Health systems transformation, predictive modelling.


As you know, Decide is in the business of crafting practical solutions for decision makers, based on data and evidence in order to secure value for money. In this regard, the involvement of the board members is a treat!


While WHO helms the Cost-effectiveness work stream, the CEB and HOPE manage the Capital Investment in Health groups. Meanwhile, INAHTA provides undisputed leadership over the HTA work area  and ESMO lifts off the Health systems transformation dynamics.


What more could we expect from such dedicated board members? Well, a constant open-mind and collaborative approach leading to news about membership soon… And a strong support to ensure that your very young Decide Hub grows, thrives, fulfils its purpose and offers sustainable help to countries.


Yes, they definitely deserve that expression of sincere gratefulness!


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