UHC news: India goes fully digital on electric records!

A new digital mission to help progress towards UHC


Recent news from India were graciously shared with your Decide Hub by our dear friend Dr Bayar and colleague Vivek Panwar from our sister network P4H - the global health financing network. You can check them up at www.p4h.world!


On the path to Universal Health Coverage and with a view to increase coverage of the most marginalized and vulnerable, Indian Health Authorities decided to muster all fragmented health data often managed at hospital level.


The collation of these data will then enable the setting up of connected digital health solution to manage patients’ health data through electronic records:


As a cutting-edge initiative that will redefine India’s future of public health and development, the implementation of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) marks an important step in the global push for Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


The ambitious roadmap entails that each citizen will be equipped with a Health ID: digital portability will allow them to give consent to use of their secured data by practitioners at every stage of the care pathway.


While full control of data is promised by the agency, the question of confidentiality, storage and security against any outside attempt to access these personal information remains pending.


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