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Welcome to Decide

Welcome to Decide, your health decision hub!

Decide – Health Decision is the global health network for Value for Money.

This website is a virtual space to support collaboration in the field of data-driven health decision making, through health technology assessment, economic evaluation, investment cases or any other process developed to encourage fair and transparent decision making in health.

Decide is an informal collaborative network launched in Geneva in June 2019 and it is hosted by the World Health Organization and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Membership is free, sign up now and join the network!

It supports evidence-based decision making in health to secure value for money across the health system spectrum, through collaborative ventures.

Decide bolsters  collaborations spanning the whole range of data and analytics that identify value for health to help take the best decision the first time. 

Decide enables a wide range of partners to work on topical areas pertaining to value in health decisionsthat include: priority setting, benefit package design, HTA, Capital 

investment in Health, and contract modelling.

Decide favours a PARK approach: it creates Partnerships & collaborations, Activities & products, Relationships & value, and supports Knowledge co-production & insight brokering.

Need resources to support the implementation of evidence-based decision making processes in your country? Check out the tools tab for a comprehensive overview of what is available.

Need expert advice or technical assistance for your economic methods or institutional processes? Find and pair with partners for receiving or providing technical assistance and capacity development using the “matching tool".