Welcome to Decide! Decide is the brainchild of a group of stakeholders who recognised the increasing work within countries on priority setting and evidence informed health benefit package design and reimbursement processes.

We know there are many networks out there already, and we think this is great! Decide is created as a meeting space for everyone –networks, projects, data producers and users.


Decide exists as a space for all people working on supporting decision making in health through an evidence-based process, whether associated with a formal HTA mechanism, an academic group, a Ministry of Health, NGO, Donor or anywhere else!

This Hub aims to provide an overarching link for existing networks, as well as practitioners of HTA, people developing health benefit packages, and technical assistance providers.

It is a space in which networks with different mandates and members can interact in a neutral space.

Everyone working in the area is welcome to join – just click on the sign-up link and begin to create your personal My Decide space.



Our aim is to be a meeting place, and a neutral broker. We want to bring people together and support the development of relationships between all actors in the decision support space.

We hope to see data driven decisions in all countries and provide a space to access the tools and knowledge to support this process.

We will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to identify gaps and produce new ideas and tools

This website is a virtual space for collaboration where you can

  • Share events, activities, and news
  • Publish a blog and open discussions on any aspect of decision making
  • Access a library of shared resources such as tools and guidance notes considered as best-practice by the network partners
  • Create a HTA stakeholder profile for presenting your work and finding partners for collaboration
  • Co-produce documents and joint calendars in the interactive working spaces
  • Access to calls for tenders to find partners seeking HTA technical assistance and capacity development
  • Present your HTA partner profile and offer services for HTA collaborations
  • Find opportunities related to HTA, such as funding, scholarships, and job opportunities.